Jay La Valle, aka thecompnerd, has been a techy since middle school when his PC game habit started.  It was his interest in gaming and his father’s willingness to help him build his own gaming rig that ultimately got him hooked on computers.

Professionally, Jay has been working with computers in IT for 9 years.  Like most newbie IT personnel, he started at the bottom of the chain, working as a desktop support tech.  Over the years, he obtained various certifications and experience that allowed him to level up… I mean get promoted.  He has since obtained his CCNA, and is now not just a computer nerd, but a networking nerd.  Networking is now Jay’s main focus in his career.  He has aspirations of becoming a CCIE.

Jay enjoys learning, whether it’s on the job or at home.  In fact, Jay is currently working on his CCNP at home.

Jay is certified in the following areas: CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician, and Cisco Certified Network Associate.

When not working and studying, Jay enjoys time with his wife, daughter, and son.


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